Total Control

Take control of your products and business

  • 1

    Instant app updates

    With just a few clicks of a mouse, add, edit and delete products from your app. Your content is always fresh as updates happen real-time in your online app.

  • 2

    Stay on top of your business

    Never miss a new order or enquiry . Receive instant order alerts from your store while on the go with theemail or push notification .

  • 3

    Measure your success

    Know where your business stands instantly using built-in app Analytics integration. Your business can grow from local market to global.

Control your business

Grant your workforce controlled access to your app's backend without giving up privacy to sensitive information. With our secure user access, you can provide access to contractors, staff and outside help with complete confidence. Users will have unique logins and assigned roles, giving them access only to what they need.